MASSIMO 1911 Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster with Dual Magazine Pouch




Massimo Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster for 1911 4″ & 5″  
  • Shoulder holster system with premium cowhide leather
  • Removable security strap
  • Includes holster, harness, dual magazine pouch and tie down strap
  • Leather adjustable harness for chest size up to 52″
  • Contains a belt loop for the more stable carry
  • Handmade and hand molded
  • Black or Brown available
  • Right hand
This model fits the following and similar 1911 models:
  • Colt 1911 4″
  • Colt 1911 5″
  • AMT Hardballer
  • KIMBER 5″ 1911
  • PARA USA 5″ with single stack mag
  • RUGER SR1911
  • S&W 1911 5″
  • SPRINGFIELD 5″ 1911
  • TAURUS PT1911 5″

LEATHER HOLSTER BREAK-IN                                                                                           

One of the side effects of wet molding is a consolidation of the leather fibers, which “shrinks” the holster. If the fit is too tight the first time when holstering your firearm, don’t force it. If you do force the firearm into the holster, it may be very difficult to remove. Instead, follow these simple steps to break in your new holster using a process called blocking:

  • Place the unloaded firearm in a plastic freezer bag, or cover it in 2-3 layers of plastic kitchen wrap. Do not cover the grip.
  • Insert the bagged/wrapped firearm slowly into the holster, gently twisting it side-to-side to minimize tearing of the bag/wrap.
  • Once the firearm is completely seated in the holster, twist it about 1/16” in both directions 6-12 times.
  • Allow the bagged/wrapped firearm to sit in the holster overnight or about 8-10hrs.
  • Remove the firearm from the holster and remove the bag/wrap from the firearm.
  • Insert the unloaded firearm into the holster, which should now be snug but not loose. If it is still too tight, repeat the above steps until the holster is broken in to your satisfaction.


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